Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Facebook and Meaningful Content

 Meaningful content exists on Facebook there's no doubt in my mind about about that. But do people really know how to find what they're looking for? It's a massive nexus of information with a surprising lack of privacy. Certainly I would want to post a cover letter or a resume, perhaps even a CV on Facebook and someone will certainly see the page I create. The information I post could be inaccurate or just plain made up. It makes me think of how we are not permitted to use Wikipedia as a source: content is whatever the publisher wants on Facebook. Although it cannot be edited by outside readers like Wikis can, Facebook content isn't strictly regulated. For example:

The University of Alberta Pre-Vet/Animal Health Club has a Facebook group page which was created and is regulated and updated by the members of the club that attend the U of A. It is private and content cannot be posted by outside persons.
The university also has many unofficial pages such as Overheard at the University of Alberta which is an open group page. Pages like these are breeding grounds for rumors, memes and gossip. On all accounts it's not breaking any laws but the group is essentially a social media wild card where meaningful content would be a rare sight.

Seen above: Pre-Vet/Animal Health Club president Talon addresses the members at their first official meeting in September. Members are encourage to follow the group on Facebook.

I'm glad we were given the opportunity to create our own Facebook pages because I wouldn't have done so on my own. My classmate in ALES 204 has an remarkable blog post about her Facebook page. But I have a profile why do I need a page? Because I wanted the chance to post meaningful content about what was going on in my ALES 204 class and what kind of research and experience I could glimpse on the broad horizon of my academic future. I published the Facebook page with future employers in mind whereas I'm pretty sure my Facebook profile still has shameless spelling errors on it to this day.

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